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Gentle Pursuit Designs




Dear Stitching Friends,

How is it already half way through July???  I hope that you are vaccinated and safe, enjoying the summer, and finding some time for your gentle pursuit.


I am truly blessed to live in the same township as my children and their families.  Summertime means that MiMi Camp is in full swing!  I have been busy with the youngest Tuesday through Friday and with my granddaughters as they come and go and have sleepovers with me on a regular basis.  Charlie ADORES each of them.  Some days are exhausting but Callum is OK with my taking a 30 minute power nap when needed.  I cherish the time with my grandchildren and know that they will be grown and gone all too soon.  When I'm not on MiMi Duty, I'm taking Charlie for short walks and have plenty to do in my flower and vegetable gardens.  


All this fun has left little time for designing and charting.  I'm working on projects over weekends when I don't have company and burning the midnight oil on week nights and making steady, if slow, progress. 


Good news!  I finished charting my 1734 Susan Scott English Sampler reproduction and it is now in the capable hands of my friend and model stitcher, Judy.  I'm busy with a 'Sampler Stories' Huswif that I will be teaching at Salty Yarns in Ocean City, MD in October.  The Huswif goes with my 'Sampler Stories' Interactive Antique Show presentation and the tri fold Huswif has Scottish designs across the outside and English designs on the inside and accessories.

I packed Lucy's Sewing Roll and am heading off for a family vacation.  Hope to finish it and the darling slipper that goes with it while I'm away and then get back to the Sampler Stories Huswif, charting three sampler reproductions, and stitching a Williamsburg Winter Scene.

Wishing you joy in the journey,


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