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Dear Stitching Friends,

How can it already be October?  

I had a lovely time teaching in Columbus, GA a few weeks ago.  My favorite part of teaching is being with friends of long standing and making new ones each time I travel to teach in person and on Zoom.
I did not finish my Autumn Sampler Compendium in time to show it off in Columbus and am still working away on it. In addition to stitching in slow motion, the blessing of a new grandson created opportunities for me to spend more time with family instead of stitching, k
tting for classes took me away from stitching for a few days as did traveling and teaching.  We were without power when Hurricane Ian came through, which also put a hitch in my get along. However, if I didn't keep changing parts of the design, it would surely have been completed by now.  I'm making progress and when I finish it and put my Acorn Shaped Scissor Keeper together, I'll produce another Flosstube and introduce them to you. 

I do have a small gift I've been working on almost ready for my next trip. I'll leave in a few days to be with Nicola and other friends prior to the weekend event at Hobby House in Pittsford, New York and am so looking forward to the trip!  I'm packing my Scottish Sampler Lecture, a few small antique samplers and lots of Scottish sampler posters so I'll be ready for my presentation at the opening reception. Shall I wear red and green since many first Scottish Samplers were stitched in those colors? I might! 

Good news! Nicola is going to give me a Floss Tube editing lesson when we are together so, if I'm a good student, things will be in focus and I'll be able to add photos and even merge videos on future Floss Tubes!   

My Ann Woods 1842 sampler reproduction is up on my website in hard copy and pdf formats and she and several of my other designs made their way to shops across the country following EXPO 2022. My September 11th piece is up in my Shop as a Free project to all who would like to have it.

Sharon has started stitching the magnificent Christina McLellan 1821 Scottish sampler that I' plan to produce next September. I'll be kitting for classes in Buffalo, NY when I return from this trip and then there is a long line of antique samplers waiting to be reproduced...with coordinating Smalls.  

Thank you  for your kindness and encouragement in supporting my designs.