Coversheet Susan's Pin Drum.JPG

Dear Stitching Friends,

  I hope that springtime has come to your neighborhood! Here in north central North Carolina my Columbine and Clematis are in bloom and Peonies and other plants are bursting up from the ground even though the temperatures are bouncing between the 30s and 80s.


I have just completed an adaptation of an antique perforated paper No Cross, No Crown bookmark that a kind friend surprised me with last year.  I am putting it up on my website in both pdf and hard copy formats and hope that you will enjoy it. I've included an alphabet and numbers in the packet so you can change out my favorite verses if you wish.

I still have some of my new 1734 Susan Scott Sampler inspired Pin Drum charts available along with my Vintage 1859 Presentation Pincushion, Carolinas Antebellum Needlecase, 1804 Mary Blake Needlebook, and Shaker Bonnet charts  although many have found new homes.


 I have not forgotten the suggestion that I create a flosstube and visit for 15 minutes or so twice a month with you. I will let you know if and when that happens. 

Still praying for the people of Ukraine and an end to this murderous unprovoked attack by the Russians.




PS that pdf the the left includes a wonderful list of book suggestions given to me by stitching friends.