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Dear Stitching Friends,

Happy June!


I had a lovely time sharing my Interactive Scottish Sampler presentation with the Western Reserve Sampler Guild on May 26th and they are experts on identifying Scottish Samplers now.  When I teach in person I sell charts and such at the back of the room and give the sponsoring organization 20% of the retail sales.  This offer is open when I teach via Zoom too, with free shipping, and the WRSG has until June 15th to place orders with me and cash in.

I'm back from a Memorial Weekend trip to the beach with several beloved family members. The ocean was austere and lovely but waves were rough and winds high the first two days due to storms at sea.  We watched out for each other on the beach, played our favorite games, snuggled up after we put the youngest to bed to see the new movie 'Cruella' (awesome), ate delicious food and enjoyed being away together.   Charlie had a blast at his Bed and Biscuit Inn swimming and playing with Pals and has been resting up since I brought him home.  I've been catching up on work in my gardens and enjoying the Gardenias, Daisies, Milkweed, Yarrow, Sage and Butterfly Bushes in bloom and watching the next set of flowers prepare to take over the show.  I am settling back into my other routines.  I am a Homebody for sure.


While away...I spotted a sampler that I would have sworn was Scottish on one of my favorite websites,  I asked a question about the sampler and when David responded with the answer and he offered an unsolicited but serious discount, I couldn't pass it up.  I stayed up way late two nights in a row researching and hit the JACKPOT!  Jane's mother was a General's daughter and the family was stationed overseas when she fell for and married a dashing young Artillery Lieutenant in 1817.  Looks like the family lived in the English counties that border Scotland and many of them traveled the world for pleasure and because they were in the military.  I was astonished at what I found out about Jane, her grandparents, parents, husband and children!  She was 10 when she created her sampler and her life story is sooooo interesting!  Wait until you see the portrait of her mother and the historic home she and her brilliant but eccentric husband (who died in an accident on the estate) reared their large family in!  I'll be sure to add Jane to my 'Sampler Stories' talks. 


Also...I had placed a low auction bid on an English Ten Commandment Sampler before I went away and was shocked and delighted to find an email saying that I had won!  This will be my 4th Ten Commandment Sampler. I will be adding two new girls, Jane and Ann to my sampler family when they arrive.  I will wait to research Miss Ann until after she arrives because I really do need to get some sleep. 

What am I working on?  Still charting pre-Norfolk Susan Scott 1734 and Christina McLellan 1821 and need to finish the Huswif that goes with my 'Sampler Stories Interactive Presentation' for the Salty Yarns October Jamboree and then complete my Williamsburg Winter Sewing Set and finish charting Agnes Wyllie 1815 and put together my Lucy Kerby Sewing Roll. 


School was out last Thursday for my 4-year old grandson so my time with him has expanded to 'MiMi Camp' hours.  My two granddaughters finish up school shortly and will be with me for a 'Sleep Over' this weekend.  My schedule is changing this way and that way as I focus on 'MiMi Summer Camp' style grandmothering, Charlie, gardening and needlework and try not to stress over the ongoing chaos of the political scene. BSF is over for the summer and I'm enjoying listening to more of the Elizabeth Peters Amelia Peabody stories on Audible as I chart.  I am feeling much more intelligent and informed due to reading Heather Cox Richardson's daily 'Letters From An American'.  I appreciate Heather's historical perspective.  

May your blessings overflow,


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