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Merry Christmas Stitching Friends!

Thank you for the heartening response!  I'll be mailing all the orders received through yesterday for my Shaker Spool Keep and Scottish Tree Kits and other designs today!  I have more available and forgot to mention that I have a sweet assortment of Kelmscott Needle Minders and Thread Keeps too.  Did you know that you can wear the Needle Minders as pins?  Great news to me!  I found 4 of the Bellflower shaped thick mother of pearl thread keeps that are no longer made because the thick mother of pearl isn't available at a reasonable price when I opened my Kelmscott box.  I also have 3 Scottish Queen Thread Keeps; two packages of thread winders containing 2 Ewes each, one package of Pears and two packages of heart shaped thread rings.   I'll sell each of these Kelmscott items for $10 each.  I'll post a generic photo on my Shop rather than sorting everything out so please email me at and tell me which item you would like on a first email gets first choice basis.

There were more than 220 registrants at the Needleworker's Delight Christmas In Williamsburg Needlefest!  That is more than double the number that attended last year.  I heard nothing but positive comments about Jim and Kevin Kornecki of Needleworker's Delight and the event they sponsored so it appears to have been a wonderful success!  I had the maximum number (40) in each of my interactive Scottish Antique Show Lectures and a fine group of stitchers in my Four Commandment Mini Scottish Sampler Class.  It was a pleasure to be with stitchers and vendors from all over the country, Canada and Europe.


Jim and Kevin invited me to teach again next year.  I've offered to present another Antique Sampler Show Lecture featuring English Samplers, including two amazing Norfolk Samplers in my collection that were stitched by sisters.  I would also like to teach a reproduction of my Susan Scott 1734 Sampler.  Susan was born and lived in the Norfolk Area and Nicola and I suspect that her sampler was a precursor to the Norfolk Samplers made there in later years.  I'm also working on a Williamsburg Winter Scene Sewing Set that could be a teaching piece too but with Betsy Morgan and Jackie du Plessis already been signed up to teach their breath-taking classes, they may not need another class featuring Smalls.  We'll see!  If not, it would make a lovely new retail project.                                                                                                    

Would you like to give yourself a Christmas surprise?  I have a limited number of Shaker Spool Keep Kits and Kits featuring an Algerian Eyelet Stitch tree from my Scottish Agnes Wyllie 1815 Sampler available for sale.  Faye Riggsbee made my Scottish Tree into a charming pinkeep but it would work well as an ornament or needlebook.  The Shaker Spool Keep kit includes silk threads, silk ribbon, linen, silk lining, Bristol Board and the spools and is $32.  The Tree Kit includes silk threads, linen, and silk ribbon and is $15. 

May your Christmas be Merry & Bright and a beautiful reflection of the Reason for the Season <3



Scottish Tree Pinkeep & Shaker Spool Keep