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Dear Stitching Friends, 

The frightening times we are living through all around the world have been weighing EVEN more heavily on my heart than usual since January 6th.  Since I am by nature an optimist, dealing with so many disasters has been most overwhelming.  I decided to try and get a grip on my feelings by reflecting on the many things that have brought me grief over the past year and then identify some hopes to focus on as the year unfolds.  I just finished creating  2021 A WIINTER OF GRIEF and HOPE as a FREE pdf and am putting it up in my store now.  I found the linen and threads in my stash and placed a photo of my materials on the last page of the instructions to help you to match the colors with threads in your stash.  I used a soft grey linen so it is going to be dusk in my scene.  I have not stitched a model yet but decided to go ahead and publish the design in pdf format in the hope that it will help you to find some comfort and hope.  I have shared my thoughts in the instructions along with several stitch graphs.  The little house was adapted from one of my Scottish samplers.  Please be assured, the design has no political implications.  The flag at half-staff is in honor of and memory of all the dear lives we have lost over the past year.

While I was saving my gift as a pdf I decided to save Mary Drake 1818 with her sweet pastel colors and 10 flower baskets as a pdf file too.  She joins my Queen Compendium as a pdf and my BRAND NEW English sampler reproduction, Lucy Kerby 1805, is available in hard copy and in pdf. 


My pdf files include instructions, the Fit To One Page charts used by those who stitch electronically, color charts and black and white charts so look through them and you may want to only print the pages you like to stitch from rather than the whole pdf since some of the charts contain 20 pages. 


PDFs are a bargain because they include much more than I can afford to print in hard copy and, since I don't have the expense of publishing and mailing, they are also less expensive.  Thank you for supporting my designs and other designers and your favorite shops.  We will get through these difficult times together. 


I am sharing a portion of the profits from each Lucy Kerby 1805 chart and Lucy Kerby 1805 PDF sold on my website with the local Back Pack Ministry and Second Harvest Food Bank.  Both of these organizations are feeding the hungry.  Thank you for helping me to support them.