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Dear Stitching Friends,

Charlie is delighted at having a swim and play day at his B&B today.  I've taken care of my Monarch caterpillars and need to get busy stitching but wanted to take a moment to write.   

Three of my 4 grandchildren are back in school and my 5 year old grandson starts back after Labor Day.  It has been a hot, wet, summer here in north central North Carolina and looks like we will have another 90 plus degree day today.  I'm looking forward to cooler weather and more time for needlework projects.

My oldest grandson is a captain of his football team and the season began last week. We do have a county wide indoor mask mandate and I am even more thankful for that since my fully vaccinated older brother reported that he tested positive for Covid a few days ago.  He is OK and will be doing a two week self quarentine at home. As soon as a booster is available for my group, I will be happy to roll up my sleeve.

I've been charting reproductions and working on teaching pieces this summer when not on MiMi Summer Camp duty.  Judy is working away on the gorgeous Susan Scott 1734 sampler that I plan to teach for the first time in Williamsburg.  I will get back to charting the Christina McLellan sampler the Western Reserve Sampler Guild was so taken with during my 'Sampler Stories' Zoom presentation as soon as possible.  I have spent a multitude of hours researching the lives of my sampler girls for presentations and have enjoyed sharing their stories and making new friends while teaching on Zoom .  


I keep telling myself that I should not buy another sampler but don't seem to be listening.  I recently acquired a small silk on silk Folwell style 'In Memory of Washington' sampler and a 10 Commandment sampler.  Insert happy dance here - this Ten Commandment sampler is my 4th!  It was made in 1744 and it has rainbow colored peacocks!  Really!  They were irresistible!  These two samplers have not yet arrived but will be joining my sampler family soon. 


A professional photographer came out to my home a few weeks ago. In addition to utilizing his excellent photos for my Keynote presentations, I'm having small posters made of several of the samplers.  I will also have a few large posters made of those samplers with the most intriguing stories.  I do not take my 200+ year old framed samplers on airplanes and look forward to having the posters for presentations.  I am looking into having new sampler notecards made too.

I will not be exhibiting in the upcoming Needlework Expo but hope to take part in the next one.  As soon as I finish the charming 'Sampler Stories Huswif', I will get busy with two brand new Small projects that I have underway. I hope to have them ready to take with me to teaching venues in October.  If the Force is with me, I will have a very special Small ready to take with me to Salty Yarns for the boutique and will have a project I have been wishing to create for YEARS ready before I leave for Williamsburg the first of December.  Thank you all for your encouragement and support.

Prayers up for the leaders of our country, our service men and women and their families, our allies, and everyone in harms way.    

<3 Cissy

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