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Dear Stitching Friends,

I had a wonderful time teaching duClay EGA Chapter members in Jacksonville, FL!  Their enthusiastic response to my interactive Scottish Sampler Lecture and my Victorian Sewing Shoe Class was delightful!  I loved meeting them and making new friends and I hope to see them again soon.

I'm busy busy priority at the moment is charting the wonderful Jean Key Scottish Sampler so Sharon can get started stitching the model.   I'm also working on a Scottish themed thread keep style pocketbook and a Hidden Queen Needlebook that can be tucked inside it.  What else?    If my fingers really fly I will also have Williamsburg Twilight Winter Scene Sewing Case Chart Pack plus a reproduction of my precious antique perforated paper Lamb needlebook that can be snuggled down inside it. 


My goal is to have all of these things ready in time for the  Needleworker's Delight Christmas In Williamsburg Needlefest 2019 Boutique.  I'll have some Hidden Queen Needlebook and Lamb Needlebook Kits with me in Williamsburg along with kits for Agnes Wyllie's Scottish Tree Chart.  The chart will be free to all who attend my Scottish Sampler Lectures.  More Boutique items?  I've been adding antique samplers without subtracting any and ran out of suitable wall space long ago.  I'm considering selecting a few charming antique samplers to ride with me to the Williamsburg Boutique so they can find a new home since mine is overflowing.

Speaking of Williamsburg...just checked and there are still spaces available in my Scottish Ten Commandment Mini Sampler Class!  The class is on the schedule for Saturday December 7 from 1:30-5:30.  My rare mini sampler is delightful and will be quick to stitch and a lovely addition to your collection.  I'm planning to bring some of my Scottish Antique Samplers to class for up close study...including two new additions to my collection that are on the way to my house from Witney Antiques in Great Britain.  Register and come be with me!

The Needlefest is offering my Interactive Scottish Sampler Lectures to all attendees as a free gift and they are currently on the schedule for Thursday, December 5th and Sunday, December 8th from 9:00-11:00 AM.  I'm bringing all the antique Scottish samplers I can fit into my Honda Pilot with me.  Grab some coffee and get ready to increase your knowledge about Scottish Samplers and hunt for the clues that identify Scottish Samplers!   



Victorian Sewing Shoe Class