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Dear Stitching Friends,

I hope that my belated update finds you safe and well.  It is just 10 days until Thanksgiving here in the US and our usual gathering of 40 or more will be reduced to immediate family only for safety sake.  What a sad time we are living in. 


COVID numbers are at an all time high here in the US but my grandson started back to preschool a few weeks ago.  They take his temperature each time we drop him off and ask questions regarding whether he has been with anyone who has been exposed to COVID.  Since he stays with me three days a week, I and my family were all quite concerned, but so far all is well and it has done him a world of good to be back with the friends in his very small class.  My son and daughter and their families live in the same little township of Summerfield as I do now and we are wearing masks, carrying hand sanitizer and washing hands and I am so thankful for my Family Bubble.

On the needlework front, I had an odd response to COVID when I returned from Nashville in March and found myself unable to settle and stitch for several months.  Fortunately I was able to chart and took time away from Agnes Wyllie and Christian McClellan to produce Lucy Kerby since she was all Cross Stitch and therefore easier to focus on.  My friend Judy Tober is a magnificent stitcher and she  just finished stitching Lucy yesterday!  Lucy is absolutely lovely and I am so excited about having her ready for you before Christmas! Once laced and framed Judy will mail her to me for photography and I will finish up the instructions and have her ready to go.  

When I FINALLY felt ready to stitch again I spent a few months completing a long overdue Gift for a friend.  I added a few more pieces to what I had originally planned since it was late already and I mailed it off almost two weeks ago.  It should arrive very soon and I hope that she will enjoy her surprise.  Once that was off in the mail, I zipped along to my next project.   I have adapted three charming antique perforated paper items, a needlebook, pinwheel and small sampler, for linen and have been stitching away.  I'm almost finished and will put them together and have them ready to go well before Christmas.  I need to whip up my Just Cross Stitch 2021 Ornament so I can send it off to Faye Riggsbee for finishing instead of doing it myself.  It is due to JCS by January 21 and I can't wait to see what she will decide to do with it.


As soon as the ornament is on the way to Faye I will hustle along to create something I have been planning for years...a Winter Scene Sewing Set.  I will be adapting two more of my antique Smalls to fit inside and am so happy that I am going to be doing this!  Winter scenes are my favorite!  Don't know if it can be ready for Christmas but I will do my best.  If not I'll have more time and may include Spring options in the chart set.  Once that is done I will be able to turn my complete free time focus back to charting the wonderful antique samplers that are lined up and waiting in line.

My puppy Charlie had his first birthday on October 23rd and he weighed in at 90 pounds when he was neutered the following week.  He is doing very well and still growing.  He is so long that it's like walking a LION when we go out now and I do wonder how big he is going to get.  Charlie is a sweetheart but has had a terrible effect on the back lawn I had fenced in for him last January.  Do you think that my neighbors would mind if I put in Astro Turf?  

Stitching is such a comfort as it keeps my mind from fretting over the divisive insanity taking place now at the end of the Presidential election here in the US.  It is terrible and is made even worse because of the invisible terror of the Pandemic. 


May you and those you love find comfort, health and peace.



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