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Dear Stitching Friends, 

How can it already be March?  The sun is shining here in North Carolina for a change and we have actually had 2 days in a row without rain!  That deserves celebration!  My grass is looking tufty and spring bulbs are coming up.  This makes the second winter without enough snow to play in but I'm ready to move along to spring anyway.  


Hattie & Sarah's Sewing Set is up in both pdf and hard copy formats.  I utilized three of my perforated paper antiques for this sweet sewing set and hope that you will enjoy it.  Hattie's sampler became the back side of a small fold up huswif with an interior pocket.  I used Queen Stitch motifs for the flap and Florentine patterns for the front and the other stitches are Cross Stitch over Two.  The Needle Book is just like one Sarah made as a Token of Affection long ago and the one and 1/4-inch square pinwheel mirrors the front and back designs on the original. Stitch graphs and detailed finishing steps are included in the instructions.  Faye Riggsbee put the little huswif together for me and I finished the other projects and threw in a monogrammed scissor fob.  There are 20 pages of charts because I added 1/2 inch of selvedge around all of the designs so the charts include layouts for the patterns.


In addition to Hattie & Sarah, several of my other designs are now available in pdf format:  Lucy Kerby 1805, my Queen Compendium, and sampler reproductions Betty Taylor 1794, Mary Otter 1792 and Mary Drake 1818.  Be sure to go to the SHOP page and download my gift to you, A Winter of Grief and Hope.  Remember that my pdfs include instructions, then Fit To One Page charts in color and in black and white, then color charts, then black and white charts so you can print the pages that suit your stitching style best.  You have 30 days to download your purchase.  If you hit a snag, let me know.  

I am still working on Lucy's Sewing Roll & Scissor Slipper.  The design shapes are based on antiques in my sewing accessories collection. I've used motifs from Lucy Kerby 1805 and have added a new verse plus initial of two of my dearest friends.  I will stitch a third motif using Cross Stitch over One so it will become the top of a lovely box I can store the set in.  Might do it twice and use the second one for a pinwheel.  If stitched over two, this piece can become a mini sampler.  The set won't be ready in time for the March 6-8 Virtual Market but I will let you know as soon as I finish the models and instructions.  Finishing the sewing roll will be extra simple!  I'm running Nun's Stitch around the outside and inside of the sewing roll so all you'll need to do to put it together is press light weight interfacing to the back side of the stitching on each piece, fold a 24-inch ribbon in half and insert it in the top with wrong sides together, then stitch through the Nun's stitches around all edges.  No folding or mitering of seam allowances needed (happy dance!!!).   

I will get back to charting the two Scottish Samplers (Christina McLellan and Agnes Wyllie) and the pre-Norfolk Susan Scott English Sampler the minute Lucy's Sewing Roll and Scissor Slipper are ready to go. 

Wish me luck in the Virtual Market!  



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