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Gentle Pursuit Designs




Dear Stitching Friends, 

My Valentines Ice Storm Weekend is in the rear view mirror with a crumpled back fence and large tree limbs down.  Horribly cold weather is crossing the country.  Prayers up for the safety of those in harms way. Since we need to stay close to home, it may be a good time to present a sweet project you can cozy up with that has hints of spring! 


I have created Hattie & Sarah's Sewing Set using three of my perforated paper antiques.  I used Hattie's sampler as the back of a small fold up huswif with an interior pocket and used Queen Stitch motifs for the flap and Florentine patterns for the front.  The Needle Book is just like one Sarah made as a Token of Affection long ago and the one and 1/4-inch square pinwheel mirrors the designs on the original. Stitch graphs and detailed finishing steps are included in the instructions.  Faye Riggsbee put the little huswif together for me and I finished the other projects and threw in a monogrammed scissor fob.  There are 20 pages of charts because I added 1/2 inch of selvedge around all of the designs so the charts are also layouts for the patterns.


I will publish Hattie & Sarah's Sewing Set in pdf and in hard copy formats.  The hard copies are at the print shop now and I just added the pdf to my website.  I hope you like it <3.  Remember that my pdfs include instructions, then Fit To One Page charts in color and in black and white, then color charts, then black and white charts.  You have 30 days to download your purchase.  If you hit a snag, let me know.  So far Lucy Kerby 1805, my Queen Compendium, and sampler reproductions for Betty Taylor 1794, Mary Otter 1792 and Mary Drake 1818 are all available as pdfs along with my gift to you, A Winter of Grief and Hope.

Don't know if I can finish Lucy's Sewing Roll in time for the March Market but I'll give it a try and then I'm going to buckle down and get back to charting the two Scottish Samplers (Christina McLellan and Agnes Wyllie) and the pre-Norfolk Susan Scott English Sampler now. 


One last thing... I was browsing through samplers on eBay yesterday when I spotted a sampler made in 1727 that reminded me so much of my Susan Scott 1734 Sampler.  I did a quick search for the sampler maker and found that she was also from Norfolk, England!  Guess I better leave my fence bent because Phebe will be coming to live with me soon.


Stay safe and warm...spring will come.