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Dear Stitching Friends,

September already?  How are you managing these days?  Stay safe - better days are coming.


Here in North Carolina children are still learning from home but there are plans to bring children back to school in the near future if Covid numbers remain stable or decrease.  I have my 4 year old grandson with me three days a week and my granddaughters often drop by to spend afternoons after school work is completed.  My family and I are wearing masks when we are in public areas and use hand sanitizer going in and again coming back to the car to up the odds of avoiding the virus.

My puppy Charlie is now 10 months old and is 85 pounds of fun.  He adores my family and is gentle with the little ones and tries to keep his excitement with the grown ups to a non dangerous level.  He went off to camp for two weeks and learned all of the basic commands plus a few advanced ones but that delighted excitement when guests arrive is nearly impossible for him to contain.  He learned how to Heel and it is so nice to be able go for walks with him without being dragged down the road.

My garden has been a great comfort to me through this crazy spring and summer. Right now the Moon Flower Vines are blooming at dusk and remaining open until dawn.  The Asters are in full bloom again with Star Clematis, Hyacinth Bean Vines, and Cross Vines continuing along with all of the roses.  The temperatures are finally down to the low 80s and the promise of autumn is in the air.  A female Monarch butterfly finally graced my garden last week and I have two tiny caterpillars safely tucked in my screened porch cages munching away on Milkweed.  The Hummingbirds are still buzzing about and will be here with me for a few more weeks before heading south for the winter.

I took a break from Scottish Agnes Wyllie 1815 and charted English Lucy Kerby 1805.  Lucy is with her amazing model stitcher Judy right now and I'm about half way through charting another Scottish Sampler, Christina McLellan 1821.  I purchased these Scottish Samplers from Nicola a few years ago and they are uniquely fabulous.  I'm excited about sharing them and Miss Lucy Kerby of Strait School with you.

I was scheduled to teach again at Christmas In Williamsburg in December but this Virus has thrown a hitch in plans. Jackie and I decided that attending in person could be dangerous for us and for our students so we withdrew.  The organizers are now looking into the possibility of teaching online and asked me to consider virtual classes.  I have presented Sampler Antique Show Lectures via Zoom successfully so my Antique Show Lecture on English Samplers could be presented in that manner.  My Susan Scott 1734 Sampler is a four hour class and I would prefer to teach it in person.  I guess my Victorian Sewing Shoe, Four Commandment Mini Sampler, and Susan Scott 1734 Sampler classes will need to wait until this Virus is under control.  My three Sampler Antique Show Presentation Lectures (Scottish, English, Language of Flowers) are available via Zoom for your group now.  Email to inquire.

Nicola and I talked it over and decided that going to the 2021 Nashville Market would be too risky from a health perspective and we are not aware of another option.  Since we won't be in Nashville, I will publish my sampler reproductions as they are completed.  Nicola suggested that Agnes Wyllie 1815 would make an excellent SAL.  Agnes is an exquisite Scottish sampler with FANCY motifs scattered amongst the Cross Stitches.  I'll finish charting her when I send Christina to Sharon.  Jean Key is having a lovely time with Jean Lea at The Attic and Lucy will be joining her before long.

May your blessings always outweigh your challenges, 

Take Care,