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Hello Stitching Friends!

I hope that you and those you love are safe and well.  The deaths and economic hardships caused by this Pandemic along with separation from loved ones has been beyond heartbreaking.  Add the political situation here in the USA and as a politically conservative Capitalist who believes in equal rights for all, including all races, the unborn and the eldest generation, things are looking rather grim.  I'm thankful that a light was cast on the horror of inequality in our country and hope that the protests and support from the majority of Americans will result in understanding and friendship and better lives for all.


I am finding peace and comfort in my gardens.  My Bluebirds are working on their second set of babies and visitors to my woods and lawn and neighborhood include a beautiful Doe and her triplets. 


My children and I are wearing masks if we need to go out into public and using hand sanitizer and washing our hands and are getting back together on a regular basis in our homes.  Brooke and Callum were together with me and Charlie last week and we brought out the water table and spent time reading books, and playing games.  Aubrey and Brooke were with me yesterday and after Brooke taught me a new card game and won every game they joined Charlie in his pop up swimming pool. 

I had a question about my Mary Otter 1792 Sampler Reproduction today and wonder why I haven't had the question before.  The Over One areas are all to be stitched in the Tent Stitch method you prefer (of the three I provide in the chart pack) EXCEPT the lower case letters of the verse and the vine and floral cartouche that surrounds it.  Stitch them in Cross Stitch Over One.

I'm still charting Agnes Wyllie 1815 and, although she will be a joy to stitch, she is proving to be a challenge to chart.  Agnes was the 9th of 12 children and I guess she may have lost her place now and then when she was distracted by the little ones.

May your blessings always outweigh your challenges, 

Take Care,


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