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Hello Stitching Friends!


Things have been a bit crazy here at home since I added a new member to my family!  Charlie arrived on January 10, 2020 when he flew in from a breeder in Missouri weighing 25 pounds.  He is now up to 45 pounds on his way to 90 or so and has won my heart.  He is a great big affectionate Sable Bernedoodle puppy and he loves everyone. 


I'm getting things ready for my trip to Nashville! In addition to taking orders for my Jean Key circa 1798 Scottish Sampler, I will be presenting my new Shaker Spool Keep and will introduce Salem Scenes, Eliza's Pocketbook and my Floral Sewing Case and Accessories to shops for the first time.  I'm looking forward to lots of fun and work in Nashville as I'll be sharing Nicola's Sales Suite 317 and Krista, Melissa, Betty, Carmen and Judy will be working with us too.  Jean Lea of The Attic has placed an order for the linen and silks used in Jean Key and will be ready to take instruction and kit orders once everything is ready to go.  Nicola suggested that I take charts for the designs I introduced in 2019 so Betty Taylor 1794, Mary Drake 1818, Mary Otter 1792 and my Queen Compendium will be going with me.  I'll add the new retail pieces to my shop when I return from Nashville.


Sharon is working hard on the Jean Key Sampler Reproduction model and as soon as it is finished I'll be able to include a photo and the instructions and 24 pages of charts will be ready to mail.  Instructions will include a bit of Jean's history and I'm hoping to find out more.  I've contacted a museum in Scotland to try and discover 1797-1798 advertisements featuring schools for young ladies in the Glasgow area.


I'll be heading back to Williamsburg, VA in December for the Needleworker's Delight Christmas In Williamsburg Needlefest.  I'll be presenting another interactive Antique Sampler Show Lecture and will feature English Samplers this year.  The show will include two amazing Norfolk Samplers in my collection that were stitched by sisters and the event sponsors are making my lecture free to all registrants again but only the first 40 who sign up will get in.  I did two presentations in 2019 so that means 80 can attend if they follow that same guideline.  I'm excited to also be teaching a reproduction of my Susan Scott 1734 Sampler.  Susan was born and lived in the Norfolk Area and Nicola and I suspect that her sampler was a precursor to the Norfolk Samplers made there in later years.   


So, when I get back from Nashville, chart the remarkable Agnes Wyllie 1815, and Susan Scott 1734 and the Christine McLellan Scottish Sampler that I hope to present with a unique Sewing Set in 2021!    Good thing Charlie makes sure I'm up before the chickens!                   



Scottish Tree Pinkeep & Shaker Spool Keep




Mary Otter Stitched by Ann Blalock