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Hello Stitching Friends!


How are you?  I hope that you are safe and well.  My state relaxed restrictions a bit and I have loved being with some of my precious family members.  We have been together outside and I even went inside their home for Mother's Day supper.  They have come into my home too. Things that happened every day in the past have now become very special blessings.  We still follow the mask, glove, and distancing guidelines if we go to the grocery store and rarely go anywhere else.

Charlie will be 7 months old in 10 days and the rascal weighs 80 pounds now.  He is a mischievous and sweet companion although he nearly keel hauled me the other day.  I was trying out a fancy new harness that had his name and my phone number printed on it but the leash attachment ring was on the top near his shoulder blades instead of at the center of his chest to deter pulling like the one we had been using.  When he saw a dog and wanted to be friends he nearly plowed the trail with me.  Luckily I still outweigh him but it was scary.  My daughter's dog is about 100 pounds and she suggested a Gentle Leader.  It arrived today via Amazon and we tried it out in the fenced backyard.  Charlie doesn't care for it but he was so busy trying to get it off that he didn't pull me at all.  We will practice some more inside the fence before we venture beyond that safe barrier again.

Only two Black Swallowtail butterflies chrysalises of the 32 that over wintered in my garage remain. My youngest granddaughter visited yesterday afternoon and released number 30 before making strawberry milkshakes, setting up a Fairy Land in my flower garden, and taking a swim with Charlie. 


I have been busy fencing Charlie out of my flower gardens and working on garden plans. The landscapers arrive before June to enhance and enlarge the newly enclosed flower gardens that flow out from both sides of my screened porch. If things turn out as planned, once the vines and new plantings mature it will be like having two Secret Gardens.  Can't wait!  Now if only we could get together for an old fashioned Garden Party.

I was delighted when Jean Lea selected my Jean Key 1798 Scottish Sampler reproduction as Attic Needleworks Sampler of the Month for May!  Jean Key has 11 pages of graphs, instructions and history, along with 24 pages of charts, and a bookmark sized Legend to help you keep up with the colors/symbols more easily.

I had a lovely time presenting my Scottish Sampler Talk & Antique Show to the members of the Bay Area Sampler Guild in California via Zoom two weeks ago.  The presentation lasts for two hours and we ended with a 'walk about' to see samplers around my home and then we peeked inside some of my antique sewing boxes.  Send me an email if you are interested in a Zoom Presentation and I'll be happy to send you the details and work with you to schedule it.

What am I working on now? I'm stitching a little surprise for a friend that should have been finished ages ago and also am charting another Scottish Sampler, Agnes Wyllie 1815. I've selected the colors for Agnes and for two other samplers that I need to get busy charting.  COVID-19 has had a seriously negative effect on my stitching but hasn't impacted my ability to get lost in searching for my girls.  Found out the other day that Agnes was the 9th of 12 children!

May your blessings always outweigh your challenges, 

Air Hugs,


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Mary Otter Stitched by Ann Blalock