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Dear Stitching Friends,


Spring is here and my gardens are bursting with blooms!  The Chocolate and Jasmine vines are lovely and the peonies and Columbine will be blooming soon!  I have Bluebirds making babies in my Bluebird House and my Hummingbirds returned yesterday!  I've planted Lantana in pots and gardens and will be adding Dahlias, Poppies and Calla Lilly bulbs tomorrow.  Tomorrow after Brookie's soccer game my grandson Connor is coming to help me get my vegetable garden in order.  I have a nice big patch of Parsley that made it through the winter and will be planting more so we can host lots of Swallowtail Caterpillars again.    


Things have been hopping here for the past two weeks!  The fence section that was damaged in the ice storm has been replaced and the path of mud between the Fairy and Hummingbird fenced gardens has been lined with paving stones with a semi circular floral pattern at the end.  The porch conversion is complete enough to enjoy now and I love it!   I had ordered acrylic panels for the lower sections of the porch to keep 'someone' from chewing up the cedar beams again but the acrylic panels were slightly off measurement  and have gone back to the factory. The rest of the porch has been converted and I washed down the furniture and inside of the porch to get rid of the pollen as soon as the workmen left. Once I set out the newly washed cushions and pillows, put down a new outdoor carpet, added some succulents it was ready to go!   


My needlework focus for the past few weeks has been on shaping up my 'Sampler Stories'  presentation. It wouldn't have taken that long except I am obviously addicted to research and kept going deeper to find out more about the lives of my sampler makers.  I set aside researching mode just in time to present the program via Zoom to Magnolia Sampler Guild yesterday.  It was such fun being with stitching friends again! 

I will now get back to charting Christina McLellan and then finish and stitch the design I'll be teaching along with my 'Sampler Stories' presentation in October at Salty Yarns for the Jamboree.  I have a long list of what comes next and look forward to each item.

Hattie & Sarah's Sewing Set is up in both pdf and hard copy formats.  I utilized three of my perforated paper antiques for this sweet sewing set and hope that you will enjoy it.  Hattie's sampler became the back side of a small fold up huswif with an interior pocket.  I used Queen Stitch motifs for the flap and Florentine patterns for the front and the other stitches are Cross Stitch over Two.  The Needle Book is just like one Sarah made as a Token of Affection long ago and the one and 1/4-inch square pinwheel mirrors the front and back designs on the original. Stitch graphs and detailed finishing steps are included in the instructions.  Faye Riggsbee put the little huswif together for me and I finished the other projects and threw in a monogrammed scissor fob.  There are 20 pages of charts because I added 1/2 inch of selvedge around all of the designs so the charts include layouts for the patterns.

Wishing you a healthy and joyful spring!


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