Dear Stitching Friends,

And now it is July! I hope that your summer is going swimmingly along and that your air conditioning is keeping you comfortable so you can get some stitching done!  

Thank you for your positive response to my first Flosstube! It is a work in progress.  I'm trying to figure out the best spots in my home to broadcast from...a friend suggested my Boudoir so my antique sampler lined walls could join the party.  She said she was jealous of who I was sleeping with, which made me laugh out loud!

Have I mentioned that my lectures and classes are available on Zoom as well as in person?  Contact me at if you would like more information.

I enjoyed making my Red House Patriotic Etui and am delighted that Jean Lea plans to feature it and my newly released Scottish Four Commandment Mini Sampler reproduction in her July newsletter!


What next? I'm almost finished charting the magnificent Christina McLellan 1821 Glasgow and will be handing materials off to my dear friend Sharon for the model soon. 


I'm hoping to add at least one more seasonal self-lined Small (Autumn) and perhaps a new sampler reproduction to my sales items between now and the Noteworthy Needle Expo in late August.  I do love creating and design sales help me keep Charlie fed and the air conditioner running!

If I hurry I'll have something new to introduce in my next Flosstube along with sharing an antique sampler and story and some of my shoe shaped antique sewing tools.

Hope you'll find time to enjoy your gentle pursuit this month!

<3 & Hugs,