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Dear Stitching Friends,

March is nearly over and it looks like spring has arrived here in North Carolina because the pollen has started coating the cars and everything else. I'm so glad that I converted my screened porch a few years ago and can shut the pollen out!
I hope that the weather has settled down where you live and that you are getting some therapeutic stitching done.
I enjoyed my Zoom meetings with Kindred Spirits Sampler Guild and Western Reserve Sampler Guild in February! So many wonderful stitchers! 
I've been busy working on three new teaching pieces and hope to present them soon. I'll be sending a beautiful Scottish Sampler made in 1865 by Emily Tufton off to Georgia so my friend Monica can stitch the model as soon as the linen arrives. There are 5 verses on the sampler and one is a Christmas verse stitched in bright red! 
I'll be working on a Williamsburg themed sewing set with Winter and Spring options as soon as I finish the Quaker Sewing Case & Accessories. Of course I also need to finish stitching the fabulous Scottish sampler that I plan to release in England in late September and the little class project I'll teach during the Great British Sampler Weekend. And then chart my 1779 Netherlands Queen Stitch motif sampler and the large and lovely Mary Ann Bell 1815 Scottish sampler.

So many plans!  I got distracted yesterday while matching silks for a Queen Stitch motif stitched by a Quaker school girl and wound up charting my Tulip Tree Mini Sampler Reproduction! I just uploaded it as a PDF and hope you will enjoy stitching it. You can add it to your mini sampler wall or, as my friend Lori suggested, you could use it as a box topper.

Now I must get back to work and focus on projects with deadlines.

Wishing you kindness and grace, good health and plenty of stitching time!


For those who prefer just the sampler or just the Small, I have made a PDF for Ann Wilson's Quaker Medallion Sampler and a PDF for the Ann Wilson Quaker Needlebook

The antique Ann Wilson 1801 sampler was stitched on 30-count gauze-
like linen with a slightly mottled gold  look.  I believe that there are several linen options in a variety of sizes that would work well for the reproduction.
I've designed a Quaker Sewing Case & Accessories  Teaching Project and am using Needle & Flax Dirty Teacup for the models. 

Several shops around the country have placed orders for Ann Wilson's Booklet and they should arrive within a day or two.  The shops will be able to provide linen and threads as well as booklets which are also available here in hard copy and PDF formats.

I'm trying to figure out how to automatically send the Fit To One Page pdf to those who buy a booklet from me if they like to stitch from their phones or iPads. I may just need to email the one page pdf to those who want it.  You can let me know at when the time comes.

I have matched up threads to my 1779 RST Netherlands Queen Stitch Spot Motif sampler and the threads have arrived but...think I better chart my antique Sampler that includes a Christmas Verse and my Williamsburg Sewing Set next.  

Thank you for your kindness and encouragement.

Hugs & Happy Stitching,


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