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Dear Stitching Friends,
How can another month have zipped by so quickly? My grandchildren discovered that they have the teachers they were hoping for and friends in their classes and are looking forward to new school year in a few days.

I will be leaving for Scotland and England soon 
and am finally believing that the trip is REAL! My knee is healing up pretty well and I will be very careful on the 'Hop On Hop Off' buses.

I was gobsmacked/shocked/stunned when FedEx and UPS informed me that it would cost over $800 to ship the booklets for the class I'm teaching in England. YIKES! From what I can tell on the airline websites, checking an extra bag through to Europe will cost $100, which seems reasonable in comparison. It will be difficult to drag the extra one around, but I will manage.

release Christina McLellan 1821 of Glasgow in booklet and pdf formats on 09/28 during The Great British Sampler Weekend. I am looking forward to telling Christina's story during my Scottish Sampler and teaching presentation.

Christina's booklet includes her story and unframing process. I  will only be able to take a few of Christina's booklets and a sampling of my other recent designs to show in the boutique. 
Hopefully shoppers will be inspired to purchase my designs in PDF and booklet formats on my website.  I will mail booklet orders (sorry, US only) when I return home the next week. 
 I am always glad to send booklets to shops and will advertise Emily Tufton 1865 again, and Christina McLellan 1821 when I return.

  I hope that everyone will enjoy the charming Small design that Christina McLellan inspired.  It is my new teaching piece and I am able to adapt part of the design to fit the theme of each group I present it to.

Guess what! It's SPARKLY and there is a surprise inside along with some history! Can't show it until after 9/29/2023.

Thank you for your kindness in motivating me to keep on reproducing and designing.




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